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Seed -6876256631380658232
VersionJava 1.15-1.16

We do love a good island spawn here at Best Minecraft Seeds. And this one’s a cracker. A tiny village on an otherwise deserted island, but there’s more to this seed. How does ocean ruins on the beach and a nearby shipwreck grab you? Keep reading to find out more!

Island Village Seed

This seed spawns you on an island facing a tiny village. And we mean tiny. Literally, population: 3. There’s a farm, a barn full of pigs and an iron golem, and not much else. But it could be the perfect place to start to your own secluded island community. (Update for 1.16: the village is a bit bigger in 1.16, but still a good place to start an island community. Or a cult.)

Image showing your spawn point for this seed- a tiny village on an island.
Spawn point
View showing the whole of the island village for this seed.

If you turn left from the spawn point and walk to the edge of the shore, you’ll also see the top of an ocean ruin on a nearby beach and a shipwreck in the distance, so there’s some adventuring to be had once you’ve gotten to know the locals. (Update for 1.16: the shipwreck no longer seems to be there, but there are more ruins, so it’s swings and roundabouts really).

There’s also this rather idyllic-looking pool complete with turtles on the neighbouring island. Could this be the start to your new simpler island life?

image shows a circular pool on the beach with turtles swimming in it

What would you do with this island village seed? Let us know in the comments!

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Various images of the island and village from the seed. Text reads "tiny island village seed for minecraft java 1.15-1.16

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