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VersionJava 1.16

In this snowy tundra Minecraft seed you spawn in the middle of the desolate and seemingly endless snow biome with only polar bears for company. Or so it seems. Civilisation is actually closer than you think. There are three nearby villages, one of which is completely overshadowed by the magnificent neighbouring ice spikes.

Spawn point of this Minecraft seed is snowy tundra for as far as you can see

You’ll find the first snow village at (231, 64, 67) with villagers going about their daily lives in this frozen land. I particularly love the houses in the snow villages with their igloos and log cabins.

View of Minecraft snow village with farmer in foreground and log cabins and igloos in the background

The next snow village is at (-135, 69, 303) and is built precariously up the side of a hill.

Snow village with half the houses generating on a perilous looking hill

However, we’ve saved the best for last. Head to (-2, 70, -323) for a third snow village. Just beyond the village is the rare ice spikes biome with its towering spikes of packed ice.

Snowy tundra village with ice spikes in the background
Ice spikes biome

This snowy tundra Minecraft seed really does have some great features- three villages near spawn, a large snow biome and ice spikes. It’s perfect for frozen, wintery builds. Or, if you’re up for a challenge, its sparse environment and strays instead of regular skeletons makes this a tricky start to a survival game.

What do you think of this seed? Let us know in the comments 🙂

Spread the love

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