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VersionJava 1.15-1.16

This mushroom island seed for PC spawns you in the unusual mushroom biome. With its landscape of huge mushrooms and its only mobs being the bizarre red mooshrooms, it’s pretty different from your regular Minecraft biome.

Mushroom Island Seed

This is the view from the spawn point for this mushroom island seed looking at several huge mushrooms.
Spawn point
Several mooshrooms wandering around the mushroom island.

Could it be that this land’s strange appearance caused sailors to be distracted and lose their way? Or maybe it’s prone to freak storms? Either way, there are three shipwrecks full of treasure within a stone’s throw of the spawn point.

Aerial view of the mushroom island.

One shipwreck is on the shore of a tiny mushroom island to the south-west of the spawn point. The other two more complete shipwrecks are on the ocean floor in pretty deep water to the east of the island. You’d better start practising holding your breath!

Underwater view of shipwreck near mushroom island.

Edit for 1.16: This seed still works for the mushroom island, but there don’t seem to be any shipwrecks generated near the island. There are, however, ocean ruins at (168, 51, 185) and (439, 37, 136) and a ruined portal in the ocean at (273, 38, 353), so still some loot to be had.

Gotta love a mushroom island! Will you be using this seed, let us know in the comments 🙂

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