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VersionJava 1.16

In this seed for Minecraft Java version 1.16 you spawn on the boundary between mega taiga and swamp biomes. Do you head into the majestic wilderness of the giant spruce tree forest or go looking for witches in their swamp huts?

A river separates the mega taiga and swamp biomes at your spawn point, the fresh clean water of the forest becoming shallow and muddy as it goes into the swamp.

The spawn point of the Minecraft seed with a river separating mega taiga and swamp biomes.

The rare mega taiga biome is a perfect place to start a survival game with it’s huge 2×2 spruce trees. The tall trees also provide a beautiful backdrop to creative builds.

Giant spruce trees on either side of a river

But if you head into the swamp, beware! There’s a witch’s hut at (-189, 65, 228) and its inhabitant isn’t too keen on visitors.

A witch standing outside a witch's hut in a swamp with mega taiga trees in the background.

Another place to check out in the swamp is a ruined portal in the middle of a shallow lake at (-300, 64, 316). Not too far from spawn, this is a good place to pick up some loot early in the game.

So, there you have it, a rare mega taiga biome and a swamp, a pretty useful combination of biomes to have at spawn. What do you think about this seed? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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