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VersionBedrock 1.16

This awesome swamp village Minecraft seed is a great place to start your next Minecraft Bedrock/MCPE/Pocket Edition adventure. Not only is the village full of great resources and swamp villagers, there’s also a ruined portal to grab some great loot on spawn.

Image shows spawn point of this Minecraft seed which is overlooking a plains/swamp village.

Minecraft Swamp Village Seed

Your spawn point is on a small hill overlooking a plains/swamp village and a ruined portal. Because the village generates overlapping the plains and swamp biomes, half of the villagers are swamp villagers with little leaves on their heads!

Villager from swamp seed standing next to a farm.

There are several farms for stocking up on food as well as a weapon smith with two diamonds and an iron pickaxe in the chest.

Weaponsmith house in swamp village

There’s a library too so you can start enchanting early on in the game.

Library in swamp village

An added bonus is the ruined portal on the outskirts of the village with a chest full of treasure.

Ruined portal on the edge of the swamp village

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a seed with plenty of resources to grab early game, this is the perfect seed for you. Plus the added bonus of quirky swamp villagers as your new neighbours!

Do you like swamp villagers? Do you wish you could wear a leaf as a hat? Let us know in the comments!

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Views of the swamp village seed. Text reads Minecraft swamp village seed for Bedrock 1.16

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