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VersionBedrock 1.16

Spawn within 250 blocks of the stronghold in this bedrock seed for easy access to the End in early Minecraft.

Your spawn point is the edge of a spruce forest. Head 80 blocks north to (940, 81, 85) and find a ruined portal (and a small forest fire).

A Minecraft ruined portal in a spruce forest with a fire next to it.

Continue another 150 blocks in the same direction and find a taiga village at (980, 76, 241). It’s actually pretty picturesque surrounded by the spruce trees on a hilly bit of ground.

Minecraft taiga village surrounded by spruce trees

The village is populated by mumbling villages who seem friendly if a little dim. (They seem to have a habit of walking over campfires and setting themselves on fire).

But scratch beneath the surface and things are not quite as they seem. The first thing that seems slightly out of the ordinary is that nearly every single one of them is a weaponsmith (seriously, I counted six). What are they hiding and why do they need so many weapons?

Three Minecraft village buildings in a row. All have grindstones outside, the weaponsmith's job block.

Well, if you head to (961, 71, 245) and dig directly down (I know, I know… first rule of Minecraft) next to one of the many weaponsmiths…

Another weaponsmith's job block, dig down next to here to come out in the stronghold near spawn.

… you’ll find yourself in the library of a stronghold.

Library in the stronghold at spawn

Head to (958, 52, 218) for the portal room and get ready to meet the Ender Dragon!

End portal room of the stronghold at spawn

So there you have it, the secret the villagers seemed to know about was the stronghold beneath their feet less than 250 blocks from the game spawn point.

Will you be trying this seed out? What’s your favourite thing about the End? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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Images showing the stronghold near spawn, the taiga village and the ruined portal. Text reads: Minecraft stronghold seed for bedrock 1.16 bestminecraftseeds.net

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