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VersionBedrock 1.16

In this mega taiga biome seed for Minecraft bedrock you spawn in mountains facing the rare mega taiga. There is also a snowy tundra nearby and a zombie village. Perfect for your next adventure in Minecraft PE/Xbox/Windows 10 version 1.16.

Mega Taiga Biome

Surrounded by towering 2 x 2 spruce trees, the mega taiga biome is a pretty epic setting for a build.

Mega taiga biome from the air

It’s also one of the biomes where you can find wolves and the adorable foxes.

Foxes sleeping in mega taiga

It really is a stunning setting for a build. It just makes me want to go live in a log cabin in the woods. How gorgeous is this sunset?

Overlooking the mega taiga at sunset.

And check out this zombie village near spawn at (15, 65, -221).

Mega taiga zombie village

Winter Setting

The nearby mountains and snowy tundra mean this is an awesome seed for a winter themed build. How bleak and gloomy does it look when it snows?!

Snowy scene looking at the mountains and mega taiga from the air.

From your spawn point, if you turn 180 degrees and head south 170 blocks to (128, 68, -155) you will reach a snowy tundra biome where you can make friends with the polar bears.

A polar bean in the snowy tundra

So, will you be using this wintery seed? Comment below and let us know 🙂

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Images of mega taiga, a fox and a polar bear in the tundra for this Minecraft seed. Text reads "mega taiga Minecraft seed for bedrock 1.16"

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