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VersionBedrock 1.16

This badlands Minecraft seed is absolutely epic! Badlands, two dungeons, an abandoned mineshaft, a ruined portal and a village over a ravine, all within 400 blocks of spawn! Read on to find out more.

With this seed you spawn in plains facing the beautiful badlands biome. Badlands, or mesa, is not only gorgeous but it’s also the best biome for finding gold ore and abandoned mineshafts.

The spawn point for this badlands minecraft seed is in a plains biome facing the badlands.
Minecraft badlands scenery near seed spawn point

Did someone say abandoned mineshaft? How about a dungeon with a skeleton spawner? Head to (-174, 33, 360) for this bad boy.

View from abandoned mineshaft with skeletons in the dungeon behind, underneath badlands not far from the Minecraft seed spawn point

But wait, there’s more! This badlands Minecraft seed is the gift that keeps on giving. There’s a second dungeon, with a spider spawner this time, at (-28, 40, 201).

If that’s not enough, check out the ruined nether portal with loot at (-341, 70, 300).

Ruined portal with chest

And finally, there’s a village at (-333, 66, 302). Unfortunately for the villagers, it seems to have generated over a ravine so its inhabitants are either trapped in their houses or stranded on a ledge at the top of the ravine. Will you rescue them or ransack their town for loot?

Birds eye view of a plains village with a ravine running through it
Villager house that is over a ravine with a villager who is trapped in their house
View across ravine to village with villagers trapped on a ledge at the top of the ravine

This is one of the best seeds we’ve come across, we hope you enjoy it!

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Images of the badlands, skeleton spawner in an abandoned mineshaft and village over a ravine. Text reads: Minecraft badlands seed for Bedrock 1.16

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